I noticed that both camera


I noticed that both cameras are hard drive cameras. No tapes. I hope they don’t plan on any long term storage. Everytime the drive gets full you’ll need to transfer everything out before you can continue using it. I really like the idea of switching DV tapes. 1. They’re faster to change than transferring the data to another drive, and 2. Tapes act as a long term storage medium. 1 MiniDV tape is roughly equal to 12Gig of hard drive space (1 hour). A 30 Gig hard drive in the camera will provide about 2 1/2 hours of non stop recording. Then its time to transfer the info, many cases in real time. Can they justify tying up a camera for that long a period just to essentially "change tapes"? To me, the only real benefit is the non stop 2 1/2 hour recording. You won’t miss anything at long events, unless the event is longer than 2 1/2 hours. If the hard drives are swappable, meaning that when 1 fills up you can eject it and plug in a new one, by all means jump on it. However, I never heard of a camera that can do that. I guess it all depends on the work it will be doing.

P.S. I too love the Canon GL series camera.

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