I never use LP speed for t


I never use LP speed for tape. Don’t know if it cause problems on drive system or what ever.

I used to use a Sharp video 8 analogue camera until my wife got me a JVC digital camera. The picture quality is supurb over the old video8 BUT, who the hell uses all the crap they build into these things. I don’t need all the video effects or wipes and fades. What a waste. What happened to the simple switches to change from auto to manual. Now you have to put on your magnafying glasses and go through a bucket load of menues just to turn auto focus on or off.!!!!!
I too have bottom enty for the tapes and it’s a pain. I use a higher capacity bettery and it fits right in the palm of the hand whichmakes it too awkward to hold. Darn camera is too damn small and the sound quality is pathetic. Camera looks stupid and too front heavy with an external mike.
Saving up for something a lot better and bigger.
Don’t get me wrong, its a great present, but it’s too small for my hands. It’s perfect for my wife.

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