I never purchase the 1st r


I never purchase the 1st release of anything.
I found too many bugs in most programs and you have to wait for patches or updates……. Hmmmmm….. I wonder if Microsoft will ever get it right????
XP … the latest, the greatest, so stable, inbuilt protecttion against hackers……..NOT, NOT, NOT….. service pack— oh you mean stuff up my computer and throw it against the wall because we fixed 20 problems and introduced 3,000 more..
Sarcasim… the right of free speach and discontent.
Got us by the short and….. Use an apple – but hey, hasn’t Microsoft got their fingers in that PIE TOO? Let’s see if they can burn that too.
Linux…. hmmmm, whats that? Video editing?? I don’t know of anything
Anyone else out there know of a Linux video editing program?????

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