I need some help! (newbe)


I need some help! (newbe)

I do video as family only projects and use 2 low end editors. ( IE:… Corel X5 and Adobe PE 10 )

They are not able to fix my problem or I just do not have enough knowledge to use them.


I have a clip taken from a VHS tape that was created Approx 1954. It was 8mm film taken 1953 then put on VHS.

It was filmed in available light that was very poor and the video is very dark.

It is my Grandparents 50 th anniversary and nothing else exists but this.

I need to make it presentable as possible.

I have a copy of the clip on my FTP Server

URL= jimsvideostuff.dyndns-home.com

User Name:……… darkvideo


Any info or help would be welcome

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