“I need not aim so high fo


“I need not aim so high for the bountiful marketplace I pursue.”


I pray we all find some of that bountiful marketplace. I too ‘am not overwhelmed’ but I can smell a change in the air. As one who has one foot in video production and the other in independent filmmaking I can see the implications for versatility such a camera arises. Though I have no immediate intention as to get ‘six’ Mk II’s to use simultaneously in my productions as was mentioned in the video, I can sure see the value of two. I am amazed at how fast the workflow is developing for this camera. Back in ’06-’07 when I was looking at the XLH1 it wasn’t until mid ’08 before a credible workflow was developed. I just think this rig will uniquely bridge the gaps between novice and pro still and video producers.

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