I must say i would recomme


I must say i would recommend that you should switch to a imac ASAP. And i speak from experience, as fpr myself i have three. A 15 inch macbook pro, a 20 inch imac desktop, and my latest purchase the 27 inch quad core 2.93ghz 16gb ram ati radeon 5750 hd gpu. Like yourself i was undecided when i was on a windows operating system. But i needed a more reliable operating system. Because i do tons of editing and motion graphic designs. I use avid, final cut studio, adobe cs5 master collection, cinema 4d just to name a few.Now these are high complex programs, and i must say my system has never got a virus or has it crashed. Imac computers are the most reliable operating systems on the market today. And anyone who are into any major post production should have one.

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