I must have been looking i


I must have been looking in the wrong place before as I got a message that a download is no longer available from the Adobe website, but I’m getting it now.

No, I only have a small studio where I provide a number of services for small businesses, so I’m not planning anything major ‘in the industry’. I just want to add some subtle but impressive ‘polish’ to what I already do, really. I’m working on a documentary as well but that is just basic editing so I don’t need anything special for that job.

I’ll check out the Particular plug-in for AE, thanks. I am impressed with Particle Illusion and it’s giving me some ideas but if a plug-in for AE will be better, I probably won’t bother with PI. And although Vision Lab Studio does provide a few effects I am interested in, I’ve been watching a few AE demos on YouTube today and clearly, VLS is a toy when compared to AE! YouTube quality is bad, I know, but I can see the potential.

Thanks again for your input – I’ll play around with the AE demo when I (eventually) get it but it’s looking like I’ll be opting for AE and plug-ins. At least that way I’ll be equipped if I do want to do anything major at a later date…

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