I must be a mutant. Despit


I must be a mutant. Despite my being a serious technophile, I realy dislike those sites like Myspace, Facebook and Twitter. I’ve got a couple of Myspace pages, and a blog gathering ‘cyber dust’ because I just don’t get the same give and take interaction I get in forums or from (heaven forbid) face to face. That and I don’t care to give up tothe second reports of what I’m doing, watching or whatever like on Twitter. Nor do I care to read anyone’s tweets unless they are buried under a collapsed structure and it’s the only way to keep tabs on their wellbeing. Maybe, I’m old-fashioned or just suffering from info overload. Between trying to keep up with all of the info on the news with the talking heads, 2 or 3 layers of the ‘crawl’ jetting past and ‘micro flash’ ads jumping at the same time to get our attention, I’m just waiting for people’s heads to start popping.

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