I much prefer Vegas Pro. I


I much prefer Vegas Pro. I started my video editing with Pinnacle 400, a VHS linear editor (NOT the good ol’ days) and have used versions of Pinnacle Studio to the current release by Avid. With non-linear editing I quickly found I needed multiple tracks and Pinnacle Studio at that time was a “one track pony.” Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun. After trying several brands of editing software I settled on Sony Vegas, which I believe at the time was version 7. I’ve stayed with Vegas Pro ever since. DVD Architect that’s bundled with Vegas Pro is a plus.

Vegas Pro is friendly, yet powerful. It does not have a steep learning curve, but it’s a long one. I had no trouble getting started with Vegas Pro right out of the box, but even after all these years I’m still learning functions and capabilities it has.

I’ve keep Studio around because there are a couple of capabilities it has that are actually better and easier than provided in Vegas Pro. Scrolling credits and decorative transitions are examples. What I don’t like about Avid’s release of Pinnacle Studio is the interface. For me it’s no longer intuitive and the navigation is inconsistent. I don’t plan on upgrading to the next release of Studio. Instead, I’ll spend my money on plug-ins for Vegas Pro.

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