I moved to Firefox, maybe


I moved to Firefox, maybe better.

I will not be taking the photos, it will be store employess after I setup the photo taking area.

Your Idea about spray water is great, but I’m talking about a deep sink very close to the photo area where they process flowers, filling buckets, dumping water into the sink,etc. I mean it’s a real busy working area and water seems to get on eveything.

The Pentax KR definitely looks like a solution. Now my friend advises he really doesn’t want to turn his employess loose with a $1000 camera. Guess I can’t blame him. I did a few shots today with the Lumix and amazing as it sounds there is a reason for all the lousy pictures taken last week. The lens was filthy with finger prints,etc. The lens is about as big as a quarter. It amazes me how people can manage to mess up things.

Anyway, I cleaned the lens and the results were very much improved. I had to reset the camera to work without the flash in the photo area.

I went to Walmart this morning and bought 2 white pillow cases, and 2 each 18 x24 poster board frames, which have a clear glass in the frames. I slip the pillow case over the frames with the clear glass and use to diffuse the light. I’m going to have to work with this… the light passing through both sides of the pillow case may be too diffused.

I do have big reflector cones around the 100Watt 5500K Florescent swirl type lamps. I plan to work with this abit more tomorrow.

I really very much like your diffuser box idea in the video. I wish I’d seen the video before I went to Walmart this morning. I spent about $40. I would be afraid to use your diffuser box the way you describe it in this store, because the people are very electric ignorant. All the water around on the floor and such I’m not sure about for safety reasons.

Currently, I have a multi-strip connector high and dry about mid-way up on the photo area to the side. There is a fused switch on it. I’m thinking I should install a Ground Fault Interrupter. I wiped off the stainless table top of the photo are, which was covered in water before I could take pictures today.

I tried to communicate several times with people that were there to make sure they had a thoroughly dry photo surface area before taking pictures.

I’ve been using the two window shades (Ikea) white and black as backdrop. It has helped abit, because everyone knows the water discolors and stains the shades. Still the white shade is very stained.

A friend suggested I just use a black muslin or other soft black material in lieu of the window shades. The shades have been good, because the picture taker just rolls the shade down to take pictures. Yes, they don’t usually roll up the shade when they’re done… all they have to do is pull a cord.

This may be a lousy darn project for getting cooperation from employees, but I will try to help as best I can.

Thanks very much for the input—

Firefox browser seems to be working, and isn’t locking up

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