I mirror everything Jack said

AvatarKevin Mc

I mirror everything Jack said, and would add: We’ve all made that “free” video for a friend, under either a lose contract or none at all, thinking we were doing the right thing. And, at the end of the day, we were. It’s nice to do something for someone – no doubt. If it’s not worth the legal mess, just let this one go… Sometimes lessons come in small packages, and sometimes large. Swallow hard, and move on… But, only after exhausting the few avenues you have to see if your friend can help you make the situation right.

A philosophy I adopted years ago, when it comes to working for friends is this: If the end result of my work is intended to help them make money – then I’m going to make money. This helps me separate (in advance) the differences between what is a favor for a friend, and what is business. But I still write up a contract, which includes a section about redistribution. I’d hate to develop something for little to no money, only to find out that the person I did the work for later decided to mass distribute it for lots of money.

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