I may not understand what


I may not understand what you mean by syncing two cameras – at least on the NLE front.

I regularly use 2 miniDV cameras to tape city council meetings. One is set up always focussed on the council table, a wide angle shot, in LP mode (90 minutes on a tape). Once it starts up, I do not touch it again (well, not for 90 minutes).

The other is used from the side of the room to zoom in on council members’ faces and or audience members whenever it gets interesting. It runs in SP mode. (Using the two modes gives me 30 minutes between tape changes if necessary. The overlapping video gives me a complete audio record of the meeting. I start and stop the second camera frequently.)

Then in post production (editing time), using Adobe Premiere Elements ($99) on a very fast AMD 64 bit machine with lots of memory, I put the A roll (the view of the council) on track 1, and clips from the B roll on track 2. Subtitle text goes on track 3, Titles on track 4.

I have had little trouble aligning the sound tracks of 1 and 2, you can see loud noises and quiet spots on the timeline, and a little dragging back and forth of the clip does the job. Then I use whichever soundtrack is better during the B track clip.

I guess I could run both cameras continuously, so I would only have to do the syncing once per tape cassette, but I percieve that there is extra rendering in that case.

So far the results have been excellent.


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