I may get trounced for sug


I may get trounced for suggesting this but I would say go for it – whole hog!

I am a programmer by trade (OK – a bit more than that – been doing it professionally for 30 years) but have always loved photography and videography (had a video camera for home stuff in the early 80’s, had super 8 movie cameras since the late 60’s and have been a serious semi-pro photographer since age 6).

I re-entered the world of video about three years ago and got serious about it about two years ago. Since then I have been reading, going to shows & user groups, viewing training materials, shooting, editing and generally playing around with this as much as possible – and at this point I am ready to propose a digital media center to my company (over 3000 employees in over 20 countries). I got to this point by doing small video presentations – they started more as slideshows with narration and music and have progressed through several compnaywide pieces and now to the point where I was asked to interview the president and CEO and create a video for our Diversity Steering Committee (on which I also sit). I was told the other day by my CTO that "my videos have enormous credibility with upper management" (kinda makes you feel good).

I have very little training in this – I did a six month photography tutelage over 30 years ago with Ludolph Burkhardt (the same guy who taught Frank Lee) – but other than that just reading, practice and determination have been my schoolmasters. I have become the unofficial "go to" guy for all things photographic and media in my company. I figure that if I can do this (with my small modicum of talent) then anyone can – All it takes is time, learning, practice and the determination that this is what you’d like to happen.

Just a final note, your company should be made aware of the costs of creating such a position – I have done some research and figure you can do a small, start-up department for around $50,000 (yes, that’s fifty thousand), which would include a decent camera, a backup camera, tripod & head, basic lighting and sound, two decent computers (not stellar-just ok) and a reasonable software setup (NLE, audio tools, video tools, RF music package, RF video and still collateral). Considering my company paid a "professional" production company more than that for a horrible five minute video they had me redo for a senior management meeting (so bad I couldn’t even salvage 30 seconds of it) they will be getting a bargain.

I wish you all the luck I can – Lemme know how things progress.

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