I may be stepping out on a


I may be stepping out on a cracked limb here, but I don’t even know of any $100 consumer camcorders out there say nothing about Pro stuff, unless, of course you want to get some old tech 4:3 stuff. And if you do find something for $100, I would be interested in seeing your end product. If you are that strapped for cash, try your Iphone, or some reasonable facsimile, and some freebee editing software and you might be able to pull it off. I have seen some neat 3D stuff done with two androids mounted on a bracket side by side you may be able to do something with. And don’t be afraid of ebay, there are some pretty good deals and most of the sellers are easy to get along with. I got a nice Zeiss 180 mm lens for $225 plus a lot of other really nice pieces at a fraction of original cost. Be brave and of good cheer.

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