I made the comment that yo


I made the comment that your computer’s spec weren’t recommended for video editing, but I think I spoke to soon. Other than the fact that it has only 256mb of ram (i was thinking it was 128mb) it’s actually a good computer and is very capable of editing. 1000mb of ram is recommended and 2000mb is great. Ram is not that expensive and is worth the upgrade above and beyond editing. I’m sorry we couldn’t help thus far, but some problems can’t be solved without looking at the computer. If you take the laptop to service, it would be best if there was somebody that was certified as a tech that also understood video editing.

As I said, your computer’s spec are infact good and this problem might suggest that there is something seriously wrong with the computer or hardware and/or firewire cable. But before I would come to that conclusion, I think you should also know that eventhough you disabled some programs, sometimes those programs have seperate services or processes that keep running that could still bring your ram down to levels that could affect performance. You would have to disable them through "msconfig." goto start>run and type in msconfig. disable any process that might be related to the programs you’ve disabled of processes that you don’t need. (Just be careful…you could end up causing more problems if you disable the wrong ones.)

I would still advise a system recovery because you don’t know what could’ve happened from the time between June and the time you started having problems. It could even be some type of virus or spyware.

Did you try downloding another editing progam to see if moviemaker isn’t skrewed?

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