I “lurke” on here quite a


I “lurke” on here quite a bit but do not post much. As for my name, it is partly derivitive of my last name, and I use the same screen name at most sites for uniformity I guess. I think it’s unique.

As you’re saying, I think the personal touch with the video letters/cards can be sucessful if marketedcorrectlyI don’t think any of us would get rich from this one idea, but if you have a video production business and the economy is tight, that means you should bemarketing your company in as many was as possible to stay afloat. Gotta think outside the box.

I have read several of your blogs and find them all interesting and useful ideas for additional income. Again, do what you gotta do to make a dollar. It’s like in my “full time” job (which is not video), I am a jack of all trades (electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, bulk conveying, predictive maint technologies, etc) BUTI’M A MASTER OFNONE. I’m a firm believer of learning or doing as much as I can be exposed to (within reason) to keep myself most marketable.

By the way… one idea I’ve kind of been looking for some info for is doing some freelance news coverage or as I’ve seen it called on a reality tv show “news stinger”. Do you have any experience or info you can share with us? I live in a small town, so again it would not be a full time gig, but I’vecome across several ocassions that could be used for news stories (car fires as they happen, car wrecks, flooding and storm issues) I guess my questions are…

1. How do you go about selling newsfootage to local stations

2. Are therepricing structers in place? (other than what the localstation determines)- I understand that this will depend on the news event and such

3. How do you best protect yourself when selling your tapes? (contracts, sell rights in full, royalties, whatever)

4. and many more questions I will probably think of later, but this is just to get the ball rolling…

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