I love to do video, there

Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

I love to do video, there are so many different things that can be done that are endless. I have take acting classes and done stage performances and is so different than a video production because of the simple fact that you can mess the lines and all that is need to do is “CUT, lets start again”. But in stage performances is you forget a line, your are totally ruined. Usually when I see a stage performances I always think of where should I put the camera and the angles and effects I want for the editing. And another thing is the endless scenarios that can be used and created in video productions. Of course, a great acting in a video is extremely important, but the magic is done in the editing, the music (without it a video production is almost nothing), the camera angles, the lights, etc.

To me video making is giving life to a certain action in a way that fuel our imagination and gives us a new idea of the imagination of the human being. I love to get out in the field to take video fottage (and my all time favorite, lightning storm chasing, I LOVE IT) and see the world from the perspective of the camera lens. To me video making is life.

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