I love these posts – Royalty


I love these posts – Royalty Free music, with the emphasis on the word free that of course isn’t. About time people got to grips with copyright and learned that like in that link above, to use it in any way other than for yourself, means shelling out for the license to use it – Is there really such a thing as personal use when you then stick it on youtube for others to use? Same thing – what does educational use mean? Downloading a youtube video on the latest gadgets fitted to a multi-thousand pound Range Rover car is educational, but it’s designed to help sell a car – so is that really educational or promotional (or just marketing). It’s jus got so complex nowadays. Youtube just identified one of my productions as belonging to somebody else, and has added an advert and stopped me benefiting. Getting them to re-categorise it is taking a lot of time.

I wish we could just categorise music for people to download as pay or not pay. The word ‘Free’ means no payment. Free music you pay for is just weird!

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