I love Jack’s ideas. If you


I love Jack’s ideas. If you watch so called educational videos on youtube, you see so many amazingly boring setups. For my money – the important features, in importance are:
1. Content
2. Sound
3. The human content
4. The visual appearance
5. Lighting
6. The technical stuff like video formats

Too many people have the content and the technical stuff and forget the rest. You can’t make dull content good, unless you write it differently, and if it MUST be dull, the background lifts the entire thing. When I was a communications teacher in college, years ago, I read something that said in a dull but essential training video, something has to happen every five seconds to keep the viewer engaged. The ‘something’ could be a camera angle change, a change in a caption, or something in the background. The presenter moving his arm position even counted. The important thing is that the eye is drawn to movement – any movement.

You could also perhaps include a monitor in the set design – handy for reinforcing points, or carrying a logo. These can be of course superimposed, but having them on a monitor give a sense of depth. The screen could even be a green blank screen and you then key the info on later? The set can also let you offset the talent to one side, which also looks good, and can really help on edits, if you shoot with two cameras, or do a reset between two positions with one camera between takes.

Personally, paper is great for stills, but I never find it works that well for video, because it always moves a tiny bit in the air. With a jig saw you can create loads of weird shapes and suspend them. Not complex DIY but looks amazing.

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