I listed my specs in my in


I listed my specs in my initial post, I’m gladyou are not having trouble on your Windows platform but that doesn’t change the fact that I can’t get through a 3 hour editing session without crashing at least once or twice, so stability is the deciding factor. Since Mac is a closed system with it’s OS servicing a narrower range of software and hardware compatability practically a non-issue it would make sense that the Mac is a more stable platform. None the less editing hd video with multiple tracks is going to push any system pretty hard so I wanted to make sure I didn’t hear any horror stories from the Mac community before taking the plunge. I’m fairly new to vidio editing but not software or computers (I was a windows developer for 20 years before I retired) so I could probably take my machine apart piece by piece and application by application and maybe get some relief but that’s just not enjoying retirement from my point of view, that’s work. I’d rather just spendtwo orthree grand and get the best hassle free system I can to make my little movies and enjoy the good life.

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