I liked your sample video,


I liked your sample video, Silvis. Was it done with Canon? If yes, what lenses did you use in that video?

As for the using lights, I never use lights during the Ceremony, and rather increase GAIN (same as ISO, I dare to say) on my camera. But I always set at least one, or more often two Lowell Pro 250 W lights, both diffused, remotely controlled at the reception.

Before the reception I set the lights in such a way that they lit the head table and the podium. Remote power allows for awkward placements, in far corners, behind the guest tables, etc. Key-chain type power controller from RadioShack in my pocket allows me to switch the lights on and off from anywhere in the room.

When the time comes close to the formal dances, I may move my lights close to the dance floor. It may take some cooperation from, or cause some inconvenience to the guests. Be super nice.

And I also use my camera light, it’s usually 20 W halogen light balanced to 3200K.

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