I like this program so far


I like this program so far, have made 3 travel videos with music, that came out nice. I am suprized at the lack of instruction that came with it… pinnical had a big book, but magix had only like a 30 page leaflet. thing i can’t seem to do ( and it should be really basic ) is when i edit, the vertical red line dosn’t stop and the end of the last video frame, it just keeps going on into darkness. if I move the little stop around, the red line with stop there… but only when i WATCH the video, as soon as i put it at the end of the video, the line just runs right on by it. and when i burn videos, even a 3 minute video wants to go on endlessly, I cancel it and fine that it has burned perfectly, but i have no way of knowing when the burning is done, because it will say it’s in progress for ever. thanks for any help.

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