I like them but I don’t th


I like them but I don’t think 126 led’s is enough. you need a bank of like 1000 or so. do they make 1000? and you need like 6 banks usually 3 for the subject, 1back lightto make them pop, and 2 to light up the background if you intend to do green screen work.

I have an 8 point lighting kit but they are all quartz lights with fresnel lenses and some par can fixtures. Id like t change them all to led.

like anything, when they are new, they ask so much for them. I was at a video expo, they had 1000 led banks – cost like $2500.00 for ONE LIGHT! I forget the manufacturer. this is fine if you are aHollywoodstudio I guess but unrealistic for most. Imagine, if you need like 8 banks of those, then several RED cameras , each with a multitude of lenses with them, tons of batteries, filters etc lots of mics, generators to run everything, lots of talented people to figure out how the to get the most from the RED’s, then you need a room full of huge capacitycomputersto be able to handle the files from the cameras and a bunch of talented editors tooanddid i mention trucksanddrivers to cartstuffaroundwith, and Kraft Services, and locations and legals and aaaaaaargh! (pulling my hair out) and wehaven’teven paid for the script or actors yet!!! I would stick to the Chinese leds… or Get a bigger budget!

there are also some DIY LED banks out there that Ive seen. google DIY LED Video Lights and that will start you on your path to enlightenment – LOL πŸ˜€

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