I like the solid state mem


I like the solid state memory, primarily. I’m not worried about editing work flow, particularly if I happen to go with the JVC instead, as I have the option to record in native QuickTime should I choose.

I am NOT a techno-geek, other than sharing info with a few who might possibly qualify as such, but AM an avid reader and believe in hands-on comparative analysis – something I will do either at the counter or via rental of the units in which I am interested.

Also, I have at my disposal a 2008-9 model of Mac Pro 8-core with 3Ts of storage, plus firewire storage, plus 16 gigs RAM and the previous current FCP, upgrading to the just-released version in a couple of weeks. In addition, I have one of the most knowledgeable people of the MAC systems, os & FCP at my disposal as well – two actually.

Based on their input, and my future production focus, I believe I will do nicely with the power and storage I have utilizing AVCHD. IMHO, all forms have their warts and bumps. This approach, using AVCHD acquisition and its reduction of moving parts via the SDHC recording, potential for drag and drop eliminating digitizing (the single most time-consuming element of current editing facilitation), and the generally acceptable quality of resulting productions using AVCHD, I do not let the debates pro or con, this or that, HDV, HD, PC, Mac, etc. trouble me in the least.

There will ALWAYS be something better, easier, more advanced, blah, blah…but we all have the advantage of research, available information, forum opinion-ation and hands-on reports as well as our own opportunities to test the waters to make decisions that best suit our specific and individual needs.

I think a lot of people, new or experienced, get caught up in the debates and never really lock and load on something they can work with NOW. So many I know stumble along on truly outdated technology for two reasons – they’re comfortable with what they’ve used and learned, reluctant to move ahead due to the very real (or not) learning difficulties; or, they use pretty much the same mind-set to hold off, always waiting for “the next best thing.”

Actually, there are three – many are comfortable, content, knowledgeable and productive using the systems for acquisition and editing they already have and see no realistic or economic need/justification to change formulas or formats.

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