I like the idea Kevin, of a


I like the idea Kevin, of a flat-rate for the work. Then specify extras that cost extra if they want to take those. That way it’s easier for me to estimate the amount of hours that I’ll need for the job.. as it’s pretty straight-forward work and extra difficulties go by an hourly rate.

and TSN, I tend to record every minute I spend on a client. From A to Z. Just for my own records. So I know exactly how much time I’ve used earning that amount of money. And find my ‘real hourly wage’ to keep an eye on me not working for nothing.
But when on an hourly budget, I start from when I receive the footage and get going. Then I don’t really count phonecalls, but I do count meetings and travel time or travel expenses. I kinda find middle ground depending on the project.

In the case you described; being sat there while waiting. That’s never a good idea, so that should definitely be billed. That’s why it might become cheaper for a job to pay by the day then by the hour if they need you to wait for no reason.

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