I Larry. I just joined the


I Larry. I just joined the forum, so I’m sue more experienced members are out there. But I’m an IT geek, so I’ll try to answer your question. You should have a cable that came with the camcorder. It will have a USB terminal on one end than connects to any USB port on your computer. The other end goes into the camcorder. The device will probably install itself and open up a window. Click on the “open to view files” option. Leaving that window open, click on “Start” and open a new window from”My Computer”. Find or create the folder location where you want to store your video clips. The open the camcorder files, and drag them to your computer folder. Once you are sure you have them, you can delete them from your drive or card. There are many other variables involved in transferring, but the basic steps are the same with digital video files. By the way, I live in Mesa too

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