I know what you mean, Mike


I know what you mean, Mike. That Amiga Toaster Flyer system was to die for in its day and still has a LOT of power (not processing but creatives, especially Lightwave and some of the titling and real time transitions). And yes, the 7300 is a “very nice” professional S-VHS camcorder. I still have my AG-460 studio rig and my S-VHS-C model AG 3 Palmcorder.

I also have enough components to build three solid Amiga Toaster Flyer systems with lots of extras and spare parts from three or four other. Seven,I think without going into my walk-in closet and counting, that I accumulated over the years while transitioning to other editing systems. I’m currently doing all my work on a Mac Pro with Final Cut Pro.

But not a day goes by that I don’t wish I had the time and inclination to dedicate a long weekend to resurrecting at least two Toaster Flyer systems and using them for certain special projects, especially montage production which would be a piece of cake, and re-familiarizing myself with Lightwave to do some really cool title and simple 2D animations like I was once able. They could be created quickly, it only took forever for them to render out.

Sorry to take a trip down nostalgia lane on the Amiga system, as I don’t have ANY idea where to find a manual for that AG-7300. I hope somebody here can help you out with that.

Hope over time you’ll share with us (at least a few of us MUST still look back on the Toaster with fond memories) what you do and accomplish with your vintage system. And keep in mind that there are countless high quality camcorders out there, even in the digital realm that have S-Video output and could be utilized with your Amiga Toaster 4000.

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