I know this post is a bit


I know this post is a bit late, but…

The processing power of the 64bit chip is limited by the OS and software. However, in gaming (I know, off topic) the system does the jump to 64bit processing in the new games (D3, UT2004, HL2, etc…) I’ve noticed the lower settings run slower than cranking everything up as high as it will go. I don’t know the cause of this, but my system runs the games smoother with 1600x1200res, 16xanti-alias, full out texturing and buffering, than it does with 800x600res and medium level settings. I don’t mind, per se.

3 or 4 of my friends with 64bit systems have noticed similar aberations too.

Wait for Longhorn… Hardware companies should have caught up with making 64bit drivers by then.

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