I know this is a very old


I know this is a very old post but for anyone having problems with sync read on. I did a one hour band video using 3 sony nx5u cams and a Tascam DR-05 portable. Its the second recording in 2 weeks. First one I used mp3 files and sync went out a second or so in an hour. Second recording used wav file and same issue..Best way to deal with this is make sure all cameras are recording sound. Load audio in premiere cs6 find audio drum hit and store marker. drag audio to first audio track. Now load all video tracks one at a time and store marker at same point. I show audio files for this and then back to composite and drag to timeline and match markers. Since audio will drift some I will cust the main audio after every song during silence or room noise and hold alt and using arrows move 1-2 frames until drum hits line up. same for every song. extra work but easiest way I have found over the years..as a side note my old portable recorder (M-audio) would go for an hour and be exact to the frame in sync but no external mics.
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