I know this is a really ol


I know this is a really old thread, but I thought I’d add my two cents here.

You can actually make a fake email look very real. You can use a PHP script to generate the email headers and actually inject real looking content (like stuff he ripped out of the headers of a valid squaretrade email) to make it virtually indistinguishable(sp?) from a real email. This is how businesses have those ‘no reply’ emails. My school does this with some of the admissions and other stuff.
This system was originally designed for businesses to set up no reply emails and have it not go automaticlly to the spam folder, but unfortunetaly, hackers have found out how to do it as well.

So there’s my simple explanation of how he probably did it. The advice from others on how to buy from trusted sites and such is great advice and should always be followed (actually, compusolver and others saved me from buying from a grey site when I was looking for my camera!).

Hope this addition helps anyone else!

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