I know this is 3 months ol


I know this is 3 months old… but anyways…
I use both the XL2 and FS-4 (with the HD PRO upgrade,
even though i can’t use the HD mode on the XL2 ..bleh)

Few things you have to be careful of, when using a Harddrive recorder attached to a camera..

-Remember to set your FS-4 to Tapeless or Syncro mode.. (Tapeless will
allow you to record without a tape in the camera, while Syncro will
record only when the tape is recording, sort of a backup option)
When I first started using this, I had problems with it, like it wouldn’t start recording when I pressed the REC button…
I always tell my camera guys to “Always check to make sure it’s recording”.
It’s not so bad when it’s on a tripod and and external monitor near the back…
but when you have it over-the-shoulder, I always tell them to check it.

The Vibration of the harddrive disk spinning will be heard on the on-board microphone..
A low hum will be heard by the camera’s mic, unless you have an external audio source..
like an XLR to the camera off of the Mixer… or a Boom mic operator..
or a separate audio recording source…

It’s not 100% reliable though, I’d say it’s about 97% reliable.
sometimes the framerate get’s weird, or a clip get’s all jumbled up.
or the sound sampling gets recorded wrong..
the FS-4, however, does have a utilities menus that include Repair Disk and Repair Clip.

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