I know the V1U does 24p na


I know the V1U does 24p native @1080.

A good comparison can be seen here:


The V1U is cheaper (if you can call anything in that price range cheap) but it also uses the CMOS imagers rather than CCD’s and from what I’ve read, CCD’s are better overall.

The V1U has a better zoom (20X as opposed to Z1U 12X) but the Z1U is rated to 3 lux as opposed to the V1U’s 4 lux (not much different but at a wedding might make a difference). The V1U also has that nice piggyback hard drive that I don’t think is available for the Z1U.

Best bet would be to buy them both while being able to return one after trying it out (if you can swing that).

Good luck.

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