I know others are thinking


I know others are thinking it but I a going to go ahead and say it… Just as a reminder if nothing else.

You mentioned that you use two different tape stocks: Panasonic and Sony.
While they are both good brands, mixing tape brands is not a good idea since each company uses it’s own lubricant. This may (will) cause damages. As I’ve stated in the past on these forums, I lost 2 cameras to mixing tape stock before I understood that that was the problem.

Especially be carefull when switching out the different tape brands so quickly. For example recording to the end of the Sony tape and then popping in the panasonic. Bad Bad Bad.

Be carefull.

You also stated that you use a head cleaner in between each tape switch-out and before the events.
1st: It is not good to use a head cleaner that often.
2nd: The cannon that you bought probably had a recommended head cleaner in the manual. Here’s the problem… If you get a cannon head cleaner after using Sony and panasonic tapes, it will do either nothing… or make things worse since…

The camera’s manual assumes you are using Cannon tapes. Their recommended head cleaner is designed to clean cannon tape residue not Sony/panasonic. Remember they all use different propriatary lubricant and the head cleaner only cleans it’s own brand. If you mix and match you are setting your self up.

Just my two cents.

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