I know I am not the only o


I know I am not the only one who has thought of this question so I am going to go ahead and ask.

Before I was married 5 years ago, before I ever had a twinkle in my eye regarding wanting to do videography, I went around to all of the wedding festivals and asked if I could have a photo montage with my selescted music added. Of course all of them said yes. When I asked (in person) how they were allowed to do this without legal repercussions, the first thing I thought was, "This is a shady company."

Now, I know I am not the only consumer that has ever thought this. I have talked to others who have thought the same thing.

Let me pose a question to the Pros here:
Does anyone ever wonder what you customers are thinking about the shadyness of your companies? Like I said, when I heard about how my local videographers conducted business (illegally on the music side) I decided that if they were cutting corners there, what would keep them from ripping me off. Stealing/lying to a music company or stealing/lying to me… what’s the difference?
After visiting videography after videographer, I decided to record my own wedding.

I have had 8 friends get married in the past 3 years and they ALL… Everyone of them… have expressed concern to me, over this same scenerio.
That is a lot of people so you know many of your customers are thinking the same thing.

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