I know – hence why I


I know – hence why I mentioned some of the free ones are very good – but I have to say that they are very good by a different standard. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not knocking it, but I cannot image running anything other than a mainstream OS. Linnux and the other ’boutique’ OS just don’t have the scope for operating properly without the user being computer savvy. Clearly some excellent products run on OSs that are not Windows or Apple – my lighting desks, for instance – but these products are stand alone and therefore the user doesn’t even realise a computer is at work inside. I resisted Adobe’s CC but now am very happy paying lots of money – I get value out of what I spend. The big issue I have is that if it plays up, or an update makes it unstable so I cannot work and earn money, I can complain, and Adobe are actually pretty good at responding. With something free, as a hobby – it doesn’t matter if when you turn on, it doesn’t work. You can always go on line and find the forums where in a while somebody tells you how to fix it, then lots of others say this fix is wrong, and eventually somebody arrives with step by step fixes. Hobby use? Fine. I’ve grown up with two main pieces of software – Premiere and Cubase. I use these every single day on multiple machines. Every now and then, somebodies favourite gets abandoned. It happened to me with Serious Magic when they were bought out. Using free software means that at any moment, something can change making your workflow stop. Vegas appears to be on the downwards slope now Magix have taken over. My Sony Soundforge I was very happy with suddenly ceased to be able to communicate with the servers at Magix, and they were unhelpful – so I don’t use it any more. Trust in it gone. I now use Audition which isn’t as good, but is at least supported. Sony had lots of my money over the years – I cannot imagine how relying on a free product would work for me. It’s cool people do rely on them – but not me. On the linux forums Kdenlive gets compared to Premier and Vegas in particular – saying how good it is. On the vegas and premier forums, oddly, nobody ever suggests the same.

I suspect that it’s just that until you have a very expensive workstation you always believe yours is as good. I did this myself, until I spent the dosh and discovered so many things just get better, because they’re built for work. Free products are excellent for some people. I’m not going to be converted though.

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