I keep everything. I have


I keep everything. I have two sets of 2Tb drives for each of my two archives – one drive set I keep at home, the other set in a large safety deposit box at the bank. I back up my video drives on my edit computer after I work on a project and only back up my email/business computer once a month. Altogether each month I back up my 4 500Gb drives to two 1Tb drives and exchange those for a set in the bank too. I have 1 drive I don’t back up which has the end product for each customer in a folder – that’s so I don’t have to plug in (eSATA) archive drives when I (rarely) need to make a copy of something. By end product I mean, for a DVD customer, the iso file and cover art. For web clients just the finished video.

Recently one of my monthly exchange 1Tb drives corrupted so I reformatted the drive, got the other drive out of the bank, copied the data over and put a drive back in the bank same day.

I also have a big box of labelled miniDV tapes I keep in a cool place. I occasionally reuse tapes but not very often. When I format the tapes I number them and keep a list on my email/business computer of what tapes belong to what projects. In 4 years I’ve never gone back and recaptured a tape.

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