I just went to B & H photo


I just went to B & H photo website and checked out camcorders from 750 to 1000. There's four to consider; a Canon, a Panasonic and two Sonys. All will do a great job. Why not start with reading reviews about those, see if they suit your needs…you know, do a little work on your own…and if you are still wanting opinions post about which two you are undecided about. 


You can make excellent instructional videos with iPhone and GoPro's…if you know what you are doing, can balance the variables or peculiarities of each type of camera as well as your instructional needs.


I'm assuming you are making studio videos, since you didn't mention the need to be outdoors. Cameras are really dependant on lighting so, along with a NLE (and computer that can handle multiple lines of HD) you may like to add what lighting you are using, what your studio set up is, the type of microphones you will be using…all that can help forum readers help you.


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