I just wantedto addthat th


I just wantedto addthat this doesn’t stop withcameras.

Just afew weeks ago mysister wantedto buyanewcell phone (the speaker onher old one broke).She wantedan unlocked phoneso shecoulduseher old SIM card andkeepher number.Ididn’t eventhinkto warnher about checkingratings on websites.

She bought froma shady websiteand theyhaven’tshippedanything (she even paid for 2day shipping becausesheneeded it right away) andtheyhaven’trespondedto emails.

She’sgoingtodo a chargeback onher credit card, but now she needs to find a reputable website (or store) to buy a phone from.

She wasalsomad atme whenafterafewdaysandthe phone didn’tshow up,Ichecked Reseller Ratings andfound the website wasa scam (she startedsayingit was myfault that sheorderedat the website :-P).

Thepoint I’m tryingtomake is, if the website lookstoo goodto be true, it probably is- nomatter whattheysell, and agoodideaistoalways check thingslike Reseller Ratings first.

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