I just wanted to follow up


I just wanted to follow up on the 48 Hour Film Project now that its over. Anyone who wants to better themselves at video production I cannot recommend this experience enough. It was a great exercise both creatively and technically. Given such a short amount of time you must come up with quick solutions you might not otherwise employ to overcome problems in story, lighting, sound, set, etc. In addition for every mistake I made while shooting (and there were a lot) I had to come up with a solution while editing. I am fairly new to video production (I make short films and shoot weddings and other events to pay for my equipment) so this project allowed me to learn a lot in short amount of time.

I just wanted to add one more observation. I have noticed on this board that everyone just entering the field looks for the best camera they can buy, always trying to achieve that film look. There were 38 teams that entered the competition, some shooting in HD, others 24p, others 1 chip cameras. The problem with the majority of the films was the SOUND not the look. Even experienced filmmakers had problems with sound. I cant emphasize enough that no matter how good the picture looked the audience did not care as long as the sound had problems. It is my humble opinion that those who want to spend thousands of dollars on a camera, take a step back and buy a sufficient camera and compliment it with decent audio equipment. I know this had been said before on this board but, I just wanted to echo it as I just viewed numerous films by amateurs and professionals and sound was always the problem not the look.

If anyone wants to see a detailed account of my weekend you can check out my blog

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