I just thought of somethin


I just thought of something. They will most likely be viewing your stuff on a TV or pro monitor, so you should be editing with video going out from your NLE to an external monitor (it can be a TV since you’re not broadcasting).”

I know about this… I’m not worried about the color part. I actually don’t have an NTSC monitor… but my computer monitor is an 8-bit panel, so properly calibrated it gives great color reproduction (also, the out-of-the-box calibration was actually very good, based on a lot of user reviews, so until I can afford color calibration hardware, it will have to do). For the meantime, I do “verify” on an NTSC TV to help make sure it’s as accurate as possible (and I’ve always been pleased with the results).

Thanks forthetip,though.Hopefully itwillhelp someone elsereadingthe thread. 🙂

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