I just shot a feature with


I just shot a feature with only a Cannon Mark II. Personally the depth of field is very limiting. For instance on 1 scene I shot 2 talent about 3-4 feet away attending a concert. I had to be to the side as this was a real concert. As with all concerts I’ve been too there was very little light (even using a reflector) so we needed as fast a prime as we could and obviously that is a short lens for the distance and framing. I was not able to focus on both of the talent. I am not sure if the shot was “ruined” or not, I am still hoping it was usable. If I had a video camera this probably would not have been an issue. So yes I agree with what everyone else has commented above. BTW the Black Magic Camera is slated to be released the end of this month. That may be the best option if you are buying a camera at this price point.

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