I just replaced my DSLR that


I just replaced my DSLR that I use for stills, and I use shoulder mounted camcorders for video. I was taking a few stills on a project and decided to try the video function for just one little clip – mainly because I was too lazy to get the video gear out! My 'few years ago' experiment with DSLR video had put me off – and I'm relieved to say I'm still glad.  In the few years between the first experiments my eyes have got worse and I now use glasses all the time. I could not focus on the LCD screen and have the camera in a sensible shooting position – my nice sigma zoom is totally incapable of doing a slow creep in, and the inability to shoot for a decent period means that for my typical use, DSLRs are hopeless for me. Oddly, the images are great, when they're in focus – but my inability to see the LCD really messes it up for me.

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