I just read book called &q


I just read book called "the DV Rebel’s Guide to making a Killer Action Film"

in the book the author advises to edit a basic cut of your video in your NLE, like say, Adobe PPro. Then in order to render the highest quality master and preserve the best quality, he says export the PPro project into After Effects. In After Effects:

-remove artifacts
-color correct
-fx transitions

then he says to export the whole video as a a monster TIFF image sequence, which becomes your archival DVC master, as well as a compressable/viewable file like .AVI/MPEG for immediate viewing & checking. This is suppsoed to be the absolute best way to preserve video quality and follow a proper DV workflow.

Can anyone who is a professional confirm that this is a correct workflow, and is the difference signifiacent enough, if the your end product is a niche DVD?

What I want to know is will I get signifiacantly better looking video by following the above proceedure, rather than just exporting a video as a .AVI/MPEG—mixing it up in AE–then exporting again as a AVI for transcoding right into a DVD (using Adobe Encore)?


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