I just purchased vegas pro


I just purchased vegas pro 8 from b&h. It was $469 with a $75 gift card – so – net $394 plus shipping. I’ve been using the fully functional 30 day trial for a couple of weeks now, and I can’t even imagine using something else. I’ve also got the $2400 adobe creative suite, but I’m still climbing that learning curve.(I think I’m gonna need some more rope)

The main reason I decided to go with vegas pro (besides being very comfortable with the platinum version) is that the client I’m currently doing a lot of work for is requesting an odd ball frame size. I can easily set the project settings and render settings to accomplish this.

Still, the number one rule in videography, so I’ve been told, is to ask yourself “do I need this – will it enable me to make better videos, will it enable me to make more money? In my case, that answer is YES!

Try the trial and happy hunting.


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