I just obtained the Canopu


I just obtained the Canopus ADVC300 Analog-Firewire/DV converter. From my experience so far it does a very good job importing NTSC 60i from 8mm/Hi8 tapes from a Sony Handycam camcorder. The ADVC300 has a set of quaint DIP switches on the bottom for standalone configuration.

Installation was trouble-free, with a bare-bones config app and a rather poorly written Japenglish manual. The default associated XP app on plugging in the Firewire-400 cable is MS Moviemaker, which does fine for AVI capture. Captured video is clean with the usual NTSC field lines visible at the bottom, but even a minimal NLE can crop those out.

I used the defaults ("weak") for 2D and 3D noise processing; I didn’t wish to overprocess on capture, preferring to let post apps handle those issues.

I had good results with an S-Video connector. Haven’t tried its composite jack, but the ADVC300 supposedly handles chroma processing better than other converters, avoiding rainbow jaggies and aliasing common to NTSC.

Good luck — I’m new to the game but have learnt a lot in forums like this one.

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