I just got in. Stopped at


I just got in. Stopped at a Camera store to get the Kodak Gray Scale.

They didn’t have the Kodak Grey card, but the salesman recommended I buy this Munsell X-rite Mini ThreeStep Gray Scale card 421868.


He said it was much simpler to use, and would speed things up.

He neglected to say there was nothing in the package… except a credit cardlooking card with three stripesBlack Gray and White. $41.00

Idon’t know what I was thinking when Ibought it.

Anyway, I’m not sure how to work with this little card and my Camcorder.

I do have Sony MovieStudio 9Platinum Pro and the Windows Movie thing that comes with Vista Ultimate.

I have an Infranview installed as well.

The salesman mentioned software, but didn’t go far with any discussion. I guess he thought I was some kind of world class expert or something.

Afterall, it was in the Camera PRO department. LOL


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