I just got done talking to


I just got done talking to ADK Video Editing and I finally found what I was looking for. I talked to Dave and He was very helpful. He also suggested to talk to Eric about different media formats and cameras that work with Vegas. I am very excited, because I found a place that is helpful and not trying to push me to buy something more expensive than what is suited for my needs. In fact, Dave said Vegas will do the samething that Avid Media Composer does. I was very impressed, because he suggested vegas over avid!!!! So I told them I will call them Monday or Tuesday to figure out what is the best configuration for Vegas and buy it. Norman I can’t remember if it was this thread or the To Build or Not to Build thread, but yes I am a man of faith and I have been praying for this whole process. Thank you for your prayers on this. Thank you everybody for all or your replies and information! I will probably start a new thread on what is the best HD Camera to get for Vegas next week. I just want to take it one day at a time and just let it happen.

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