I just got an everio 155 f


I just got an everio 155 from my wife for Christmas (a bit early). I’ve noticed this .MOD and wondered what it was. Any way, if you are using iMovie on a MAC, just create a new project in iMovie and import your clips as you normally would. Then save the project and quit iMovie. Now go to the iMovie file and right click or control+click. This will bring up a menu that you could select “Show Package Contents.” When you show the package contents, you will get a folder called “Media”. Open this folder and you will find .dv files that can be opened in QT. In theroy, you should be able to copy the media folder to your desktop or wherever, and be able to edit the .dv files. The only problem I’ve noticed so far is that these are uncompressed files, so they could be rather big. Besides that every thing seems to work just fine.

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