I just bought my second


I just bought my second Pocket Cinema Camera under the current $495 deal. This camera will shortly get the firmware updates to make it a much more viable production camera: histogram display, remaining time on chip display, audio levels, etc. Recently, I upgraded my first Pocket Cam to enable more flavors of ProRes, meaning for non green screen work, you can use ProRes 442 and get MORE TIME out of each 95MB per second Sandisk chip you use.


Well, were I to have to minimize my Pocket Cinema rig, I would get a Metabones Nikon G to M43 Speedbooster and the Sigma 18-35 f/1.8, a bunch of batteries, a dual charger, a Wooden Camera Pocket Cinema cage, a good supercardiod mic to attach to the cage with 1/8 inch connection, and batteries for that mic.


There are a few good viewfinders for the Pocket Cinema Camera, including:




which has proven very worthy.


This rig, plus perhaps a stabilizer from Edelkrone




All told, this would give you a 35mm shooters' equivalent of a 31mm to 61mm zoom at f/1.0 (due to the 1 2/3 stop INCREASE from the Speedbooster,) good for capturing darker scenes.


Finally, as the camera is native at 800 ISO and has best performance at THAT ISO, a good variable ND filter for that lens is a good idea. Things get too bright for the Pocket Cinema Camera very, very quickly in the daytime. Do not skimp on your variable ND, which is basically similar to a polarizer, but gets darker and darker as you turn the filter. The variable ND is worth its weight in gold should you wish to do a bunch of daylight shooting. Using lower ISOs on the camera truncates the quality a bit.

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