I helped edit a movie (Sta


I helped edit a movie (Standard Def) using Sony Vegas, then a (hopeful) pilot TV show (HD) in Adobe. Couldn’t stand Adobe – mainly because of the way (at the time) it handled HD rendering, so I/we jumped back to Vegas and it was like a breath of fresh air. Maybe HD won’t be a concern for you (certainly your cameras are not HD!), and perhaps the learning curve will be equally as steep for either program. If I’m not mistaken, if you have pro Hollywood aspirations go with Avid.

Remember, too – if you’re shooting for streaming video you’ll probably be more happy with a consumer 3CCD cam and wonderful lighting, than a big buck pro-sumer cam and average lighting. My experience, anyway.

Hiring a pro is certainly an option, but if you have the desire, this is just FUN- go for it!

And it goes without saying, you need a subscription to VideoMaker!

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